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Faux Pas (pronounced the American way, Fox Paws) is a webcomic about the adventures of the red fox Randy and the other Green Mountain Studio Animals. Most of the animals have been trained by humans; Randy himself is an actor who has appeared in ads, TV shows and movies.

Faux Pas by Margaret Carspecken

Cindy Fox is the lead female character of the Faux Pas webcomic, by Robert & Margaret Carspecken. She was born and raised in the wild and lived there until she met Randy one day near his home, Green Mountain Studio Animals (GMSA).

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Faux Pas is a comic strip; it's entertainment. Some of these questions do have answers within the context of the strip, and some elements are fantasy. If you want Reality, turn off the computer and the TV, put away the magazines and comics and newspapers, and take a long walk outdoors. That's where Reality lives.

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A prime example of this is Faux Pas, a webcomic updated three times a week by R&M Creative Endeavors. Perhaps the first thing that strikes the reader is the art style, masterfully inspired in that of Disney's Robin Hood. R&M make the style entirely their own, however, and any thoughts of mimicry do not out last the first few panels.


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Neil Kohney. Hello the bbq cook. BOOKMARK. Faux Pas, Episode 301 of The Other End Comics in WEBTOON. a comic with lots of things.

FAUX PAS Ep 5 YouTube

Faux Pas. 9/21/2022 in Red Foxes. Who would say such an unfoxy thing?! Infinite Scroll Mode. Comments Want to chat? Please be polite! Spam and offensive comments will be removed. Welcome to WebCanids! Foxes, wolves, coyotes, and dogs are here to make you smile with puns, jokes, and the occasional adventure!.

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Faux Pas (pronounced American-fashion, "fox paws") is the story of Randy and his animal friends, most of whom were trained to be studio animal actors - the animals you see in movies, commercials and in live stage shows.

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Randy Fox is the lead male character of the Faux Pas webcomic, by Robert & Margaret Carspecken.He was born in captivity and was thought to be an odd-smelling dog, but eventually ended up at Green Mountain Studio Animals (GMSA), where he and the other animals were often hired out to make appearances in television, movies, and photo shoots. He met Cindy one day while walking around near GMSA.

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For those who are catching up, the Faux Pas archives are online thanks to the very fine folks at Purrsia.com. If you're looking to see which pages are where and which were updated recently, be sure to check the Site Map for all the details. There's also a guide to navigating the FoxWeb, for those who would like some hints on what to find where.<>

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Faux Pas (pronounced /ˈfɒkspɔːz/ - "fox paws") is a comic strip created by Robert and Margaret Carspecken of R&M Creative Endeavors. The name is a play on the French phrase faux pas (/ˌfoʊ ˈpɑː/), a social blunder (literally, false step), reflecting the demeanor of the strip's characters.

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fox foxes webcomic webcomics comics comic comicstrip GMSA FauxPas Cindy Randy. See more from mcarspec. Listed in Folders. Faux Pas. Prev Main Gallery Download Next.. Faux Pas. raynard_foxglove Fursuiter a year ago. UH_OH..the "Death Stare" =^.^= bfl a year ago. Come on, Cindy! Randy was just introducing the cubs to a more peaceful way of life.

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Faux Pas Crossword Solver Evoluted - Profile of Faux Pas. The adventures of Randy the fox, a human-trained studio animal living on a farm with other retired would-be actors, some friends from the woods and a