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Kaijo vs Too (Aomine vs Kisa) Demis SuperMann 7.8M views 9 years ago Kuroko's Basketball [ Best Match #4 ]Atsushi Murasakibara competes seriously like a pro Teraleth Legary 273K views 1 year.

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[Anime spoilers] Kise vs Aomine : r/KurokosBasketball by RegretlessStrike [Anime spoilers] Kise vs Aomine Who would win in a one on one with Kise [perfect copy] vs Aomine [Zone]? If aomine wins, what about Kise [perfect copy] vs Aomine [no zone] This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 0 4 comments Best

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When Kaijō faced Tōō, Aomine initially overwhelmed Kise as he couldn't overcome his admiration for Aomine, but when Kise began utilising his copy-cat to mimic Aomine's style he was pushed on the back foot.. Kagami vs Aomine. The match goes on and Tōō overwhelms Seirin. The ball ends up with Kagami and he decides to go up against Aomine.

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Kise Vs Aomine. For a long time, Kise was trying to beat Aomine in matchups but always ended up loosing to him. Aomine was one player who I believe never lost a one on one. Had he played against Akashi, the story might have been different. Aomine motivated Kise to become better and better at the sport. Kise was usually the one to get bored from.

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Tōō Academy vs. Kaijō High, Aomine vs. Kise. Only one side can win, and Aomine has declared he will crush Kise under his own foot with all his strength. 24 Don't Get the Wrong Idea Kanchigai Shitenjanē yo (カン違いしてんじゃねーよ) September 15, 2012 Kise decides to copy Aomine but this will take time due to the difference in skill.

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98 - 110 Teams Kaijō High Tōō Academy Notable players Kaijō High Ryōta Kise Yukio Kasamatsu Yoshitaka Moriyama Mitsuhiro Hayakawa Kōji Kobori Tōō Academy Daiki Aomine Shoichi Imayoshi Kōsuke Wakamatsu Ryō Sakurai Yoshinori Susa Duration Manga Chapters 63 - 73 Anime Episodes 22 - 25

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Aomine beats him up until he does his super powers, then they go even for a little, then Kise's leg breaks. I think it's worse for Kise this time because with Aomine's animal instincts existing now he beats up normal Kise more severely than he did in the show, and Kise's legs should break faster. Atherix2001 • 3 yr. ago

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21 Sort by: Awkward-Daikon351 • 2 yr. ago aomine anyday tgeraghty_10 • 2 yr. ago I think Aomine because he can play harder for a longer period of time. We know that in Kaijio v Touou that Aomine wasn't even playing full speed, and didn't have animal instincts Kise was losing to Aomine in base.

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During the game against team Jabberwock, Kise displayed that in this form he was evenly matched with Aomine in the zone and even briefly entered the zone himself whilst in this form. Kise is only held back from being the strongest player by the time limit for this form, which stemmed from the extreme strain it places on his body having only.

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Aomine and Kise go head-to-head in the fourth quarter, giving it their all. Watching, Kuroko and Kagami vow to develop their own style of basketball. Release year: 2013. Kuroko, Kagami and the rest of the Seirin High basketball team take on the strongest teams in the region in the Winter Cup tournament. 1. Episode 26

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青峰 大輝 vs 黄瀬 涼太Anime: Kuroko no Basket (黒子のバスケ)Musik: SessenKise vs. Aomine (Kise Copies Aomine)

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KISE VS AOMINE!!! | Kuroko no Basket Ep 23 | Oneofakind - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC The inter high finals start and its kaijo vs touou. Kise has history with aomine that goes back to.

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Aomine should win because of his zone speed. Kagami managed to get past kise emperor eye which resulted into kise using aomine's speed and murasakibara's defense to block him. That won't work vs zone aomine because his speed and scoring variety are bigger. Both kise and aomine were in sync vs silver but there is no way that kise copied.

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Published Jul 27, 2021 Kuroko's Basketball features many elite basketball players with amazing skills, but which character in the anime is the strongest on the court? In Kuroko's Basketball, many of the players who step onto the court possess incredible strength and skill.