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Evie epitomizes what it means to be part of—actually on top of—the in-crowd. Her dress. Her walk. Her attitude. But she is one bad seed! Evie doesn't just slowly lure Tracy into her downward-spiraling world of sex, drugs and otherwise rebellious behaviors, she spawns an overnight metamorphosis. Not that Tracy puts up much resistance.

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When Tracy meets and befriends the popular Evie Zamora (Reed), she's suddenly thrust into a world of petty crimes, drugs, and risky behavior. The film as a whole is mildly disturbing as it.

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Evie Zamora is a main character in the 2003 film Thirteen. She is portrayed by Nikki Reed. Evie Zamora is taken care of by her cousin Brooke LaLaine. However, Brooke isn't around all too much, which allows Evie to do whatever she wants at anytime. Evie is engaged in boys, drugs, shoplifting, etc. Tracy Freeland soon becomes her close friend after they went shopping at Mel Rose. Evie Zamora.

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Directed by Catherine Hardwicke Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Produced by Music by Mark Mothersbaugh Brian Zarate Cinematography by Elliot Davis. director of photography Editing by Nancy Richardson Casting By Jakki Fink Shani Ginsberg Christina Sibul Production Design by Carol Strober Art Direction by

Evie and Tracey, "Thirteen" (2003) Thirteen movie aesthetic, Thirteenth, Thirteen movie

Loosely based on Reed's early life, the film's plot follows Tracy, a seventh grade student in Los Angeles who begins dabbling in substance abuse, sex and crime after being befriended by a troubled classmate.

Evie and Tracey, "Thirteen" (2003) Thirteen movie, Thirteen movie aesthetic, Thirteenth

Evie is the most popular girl in the seventh grade, because of her bold personality, her clothes and accessories (mostly stolen), and her air of knowing more about sex than a 13-year-old should. The school's value system is suggested by the fact that some of the students are working on a "project" about J. Lo.

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Title: The Transformation of Evie in "Thirteen": A Tale of Adolescence and Rebellion Introduction: Released in 2003, "Thirteen" is a coming-of-age drama that delves into the tumultuous life of a thirteen-year-old girl named Evie Zamora. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-written by Nikki Reed, who also stars in the film, "Thirteen" explores the dark and

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Tracy Freeland is a thirteen-year-old girl who just wants to fit in. To do so she must make friends with the most popular girl in the 7th grade. Evie Zamora. It's not as easy as it sounds when Evie peer pressures Tracy into doing things such as stealing, drugs, piercings, and sex-- far from the Tracy everybody seems to know.

evie zamora Thirteen movie aesthetic, Thirteen movie, Zamora

July 9, 2022 in Movies 0 Thirteen Thirteen ending had all the runs teary-eyed and we are here to explain it all to you. This is a coming-of-age film that shows us a plot about abuse and physical relationships.

Evie Zamora 7 Thirteen movie, Film aesthetic, Zamora

Posted: January 12, 2024 | Last updated: January 13, 2024. She lives at 204 Red Oak Creek Rd. Call me please at 214 202-0016 if you spot Evie! Thanks! More for You.

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Thirteen-year-old Evie has found an easy way of making money: stealing. Evie likes to take the easy way out of everything. "You guys know if you drink ten glasses of ice water a day, you'll burn three hundred calories." Interests… boys, drugs and clothes. Evie will lie, cheat and steal her way into any kind of immediate pleasure.

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Reed plays Evie Zamora, a renegade teen who befriends mild-mannered Tracy Freeland ( Evan Rachel Wood ). Together, they dive headfirst into a self-destructive cycle of sex, drugs, and petty crime.

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The meaning of the film "Thirteen". The film tells about a girl who was just a child, and suddenly her life forced her to become an adult. Another girl, Evie, went down this path earlier, she had learned to lie and dodge earlier to stay afloat because she lived on the street.

evie zamora thirteen Thirteen movie, Thirteenth, Thirteen movie aesthetic

SPOILER I have some questions about the movie thirteen. Question Why were there random guys with Brooke when Evie and Tracy showed up at the house? Was Brooke involved in prostitution? Why did those two girls try to fight tracy? (I couldn't really understand what was said in that scene)

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There are few films that convey the power of clothes quite like Catherine Hardwicke's little known debut, Thirteen (2003). In this gritty coming-of-age drama, the quiet but troubled Tracy Freeland falls in with the rebellious and popular Evie Zamora. Their entire friendship is defined through clothing.