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Platinum Scratches Easier than 14k Gold Despite being more durable, platinum is actually a softer metal than 14k gold. This means it will scratch a little easier than 14k gold. When platinum is scratched, the platinum only gets moved from one place on the ring to another.

Accordingly,how do you keep platinum from scratching?

1. Take it off when you’re using chemicals (like bleach) or other abrasives because these can cause scratching on the platinum — and potentially damage the center stone. 2. Avoid wearing your ring when you’re using your hands a lot, like when you’re working in the garage or garden or working out.

Beside above,does platinum scratch more than white gold? Platinum is less hard than 14K white gold and scratches more easily. Platinum, on the other hand, can scratch, but, keeps its metal, creating a patina. This patina can be polished off to restore the metals original shine.

Moreover,does platinum bend easily?

Despite The Weight, Platinum Rings Can Break Another reason many people believe platinum to be unbreakable is its weight. Platinum rings can bend just as easily as gold rings, so it is important to care for your diamond ring regardless of the type of ring metal.

How often should I polish my platinum ring?

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Platinum jewelry that is set with gemstones should be cleaned professionally every six months. Over time Platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the “just polished” look. When this happens, you can take your piece to your qualified jewelry (or us)to have it re-polished to a high gloss look.

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Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when trying to figure out does platinum scratch easily.

Is hand sanitizer bad for platinum rings?

Frequent hand sanitizer use can also harm your rings, dulling the sparkle of gems and metals or even loosening your ring’s setting over time. This metal is typically plated with rhodium (a shiny white metal similar to platinum), which can develop a slightly yellow color when exposed to alcohol over time.

Why are platinum rings so expensive? When it comes to choosing a metal for your engagement or wedding ring, platinum is typically a more expensive choice. The main reason for this is that precious metals are priced by weight, and platinum is much denser than gold, meaning it will be heavier.

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Does platinum lose its shine?

To be considered platinum, a piece must contain 95% or more of the metal, making it one of the purest precious metals you can buy. Over time, platinum will fade in a different way. It won’t turn yellow, like yellow gold; but, it will begin to lose its shiny finish and build a natural patina (more on this in a bit).

Is platinum a good investment? Platinum offers a unique investment opportunity, with strong merits to consider: Platinum’s precious underpin offers a low-risk entry for investors looking to buy into this investment asset. Platinum has a low correlation to the performance of traditional assets and performs well during periods of economic recovery.

Are platinum rings worth it?

This metal has high resale value and is best for something with great sentimental value, such as a wedding ring or a family heirloom. If you’re looking for something that is shiny and lower cost, stick with white gold and silver, as platinum can be quite an investment.

How long do platinum rings last? Platinum vs. White Gold

DurabilityMore durable than goldDurable enough for everyday wear
BeautyStunning, classic jewelryStunning, classic jewelry
Required MaintenanceNeeds to be repolished and replated more frequently than goldNeeds to be dipped every few years to retain its color and luster

Why did my platinum ring bent?

Why Do Rings Bend? The main reason most rings bend is exerted physical pressure, usually when you are doing some work while wearing your ring. If the ring’s band is thin, bending it is even easier.

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Can scratches be removed from platinum ring? Can Scratches in Platinum Be Polished Out? Even though platinum lasts longer than gold or silver and wears down slowly, it still does wear. If you want, you can always take your platinum piece to a jeweler and ask to have it polished. The process will remove the scratches, and your jewelry will look like new.

Why is my platinum ring turning yellow?

Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum family and used for the rhodium-plating. The wedding ring turns yellow because of the use consuming the rhodium coat, letting the natural colour of gold emerge.

Scratch Testing of Gold, Platinum & Silver

Can platinum rings be resized? If a ring is too tight or too loose, you do have the option of having it resized. Luckily, resizing your gold or platinum ring is a perfectly safe and reliable solution if your own pieces stop fitting as they should, or if you inherit an heirloom you’d love to wear.

Why you should never take off your wedding ring?

Tossing and turning can wear down your ring, causing the prongs around your diamond to loosen or other minor damages to take place. So, before you go to bed, remove your ring and put it by your bedside for safekeeping.

Can you wash your hands with an engagement ring? Should you take your engagement ring off to wash your hands? Generally, you don’t have to take off your engagement ring when you wash your hands. In fact, using gentle soap and water is the best way to clean an engagement ring at home, so washing your hands won’t do any damage to your jewelry.

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Is it bad luck to take off your engagement ring?

Other old wives’ tales state that an engagement ring should never be removed from the bride’s hands. If an engagement ring is loose or uncomfortable, this is thought to be a bad omen, and the ultimate in bad luck is for an engagement ring to be lost or broken.

How do I make my platinum ring shiny? The cheapest and easiest way to clean platinum rings is by soaking them in a sudsy solution of warm water and a mild washing up liquid for around 30 minutes. This will lift any built-up grime and debris from your rings, effortlessly restoring their lustre.

Does hand sanitizer dull diamonds?

A: Hand sanitizer is made up of rubbing alcohol and will not hurt diamonds or damage the integrity, value, or brilliance of your stone. However, excessive and repeated exposure to cleaning agents or hand sanitizer can make the finish on white gold wear a little faster.

When should you not wear your wedding ring? Weight loss, dehydration, localized swelling and many more secondary symptoms that can cause your ring to loosen or tighten on your finger. If you do get sick with something that’s likely to last more than a day or two, just take your engagement ring off.Jun 27, 2017

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